Friday, May 30, 2008

Internship Update

Yeah so I've just finished 2 weeks at Galaxy 61. It's really nice and laid back, especially since its currently just Doug and another intern. I've just been helping Doug with some simple modeling and animation. But the part that I find the most interesting is hearing what the CG industry was like 20 years ago. Pretty crazy talking to a guy who worked with Maya 1.0, haha. But anyway...I got to get some more art up here. Although heres some Maya related stuff I did. Pretty simple stuff but it's something.


Gabby Zapata said...

That must have been pretty fun! Anyway thanks for the comment :D.. I must add you to my links now!

Stevie said...

woah I wish I could do that ;_;

"Mittens" said...

needs some SSS in there =P

I'll see if I can find a tutorial or something of the sort this week.