Friday, January 25, 2008

disappointed in myself...

In a dramatic turn of events, my ball bounce assignment received an "F". The class was all told that our ball bounce .avi files should be placed in the teachers web share by the beginning of class, NO EXCEPTIONS! (the due date was moved up to Jan. 25) I stupidly decided to wait to the morning before class to drag and drop the files into her folder because I was also planning on fixing one frame in the morning and thought I would just do both all at the same time. BUT OF COURSE today is FIRST day since starting college, my alarm decides to not work and I over sleep. Waking up half an hour after class started I put my files in her folder and run to class at the speed of lightning. Once getting to class I see she has her web share open critiquing everybody's work. Anyway she realizes I put my files in the web share at 8:59:49 AM, past the 8:45 AM deadline but the thing is I froze when asked what time I put them in and reluctantly said last night. I didn't know she realized I lied until she e-mailed me after class. I honestly felt queasy reading that email, really devastating for one of the first assignments in this class. Well, it's in the past now and the only thing I could do now is learn from my mistakes DON'T LIE...seems simple enough but I was caught off guard waking up 3 minutes ago. And you could also say don't leave anything for the last minute, but the small lie is what seems to have really gotten to her. Also I was really determined to work hard on this project and not wait until the last minute, I even skipped out on friends birthday in Orlando this past weekend. Ok so I was hoping to present these animations with a little more enthusiasm but after this (and seeing fellow student Avner Geller's animations, see link on the right. lol) I'll sadly say, here they are.

Light Re-Direct from rblitz7 on Vimeo.

Heavy In & Out from rblitz7 on Vimeo.

Light In & Out from rblitz7 on Vimeo.

Ball Bounce from rblitz7 on Vimeo.
I'm in middle of re-working and adding a tail to these animations.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

So it's a new year and that means I've got a clean slate, a fresh start. No more half finished drawings lying around, no more lack of confidence and inspiration, this year is going to be different! HOORAH! I got a new Wacom Intuos tablet for me back at school thats just waiting to be used. 2 DAYS 'TILL I'M BACK!